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Reptile & Amphibian Merit Badge

Come on a journey with me and learn about reptiles and amphibians.

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DATES: May 28th or June 18th ***THERE ARE NO PREREQUISITES*** Class Length: 1 day for 1-2hrs NOTE: After the class is finished you will still need to complete some requirements to earn the merit badge. Requirements for AFTER the class: Requirement #2: Make a list of the most common species found in your local area or state. -Submit by Filling out the Reptile and Amphibian Merit Badge worksheet or your own Word document file. Requirement #4: List 3 species of reptiles and 3 species of amphibians found in your local area that are not protected. Discuss the food habits of all 10 species. -Submit by Filling out the Reptile and Amphibian Merit Badge worksheet or your own Word document file. Requirement #8: Do ONE of the following: A) Maintain 1 or more reptiles or amphibians for at least a month. Record food accepted, eating methods, changes in coloration, shedding of skins, and general habits. B) Choose a reptile or amphibian that you can observe at a local zoo, aquarium, nature center, or other such exhibits (such as your classroom or school). Study the specimen weekly for a period of 3 months. -Submit by Filling out the Merit Badge worksheet or your own Word document file Requirement #9: Do TWO of the following: 9a: Identity at night 3 kinds of toads or frogs by their voices. Imitate the song of each for your counselor. Stalk each with a flashlight and discover how each sings and from where. -Submit by: recording a video of yourself locating the frogs at night and imitating their songs. 9b: Identify by sight 8 species of reptiles or amphibians. -Submit by: Identifying 4 species, on your own; then, taking a photo and labeling what it is. We will identify 4 species in class. 9c: Using visual aids, give a brief talk to a small group on 3 different reptiles and amphibians. -2 options:1) Present to a small group (family is okay) and submit video proof. Or, 2) Present to other scouts during one of these classes. We will work together to pick a day and 3 amphibians/reptiles, which you will create 3 PowerPoint slides on. IMPORTANT: Prior to registering, the Scout should have a discussion with their unit leader to: 1) obtain approval to participate in the course and 2) confirm their unit leader will sign the blue card upon course completion. Blue Card: Upon completion of the course, the Scout will be issued a digital blue card signed by the merit badge counselor. Scouts will need to submit all requirements to receive a blue card.

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